Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tilapia Raising Methods

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Today, I would be discussing the various ways of Tilapia Raising or Tilapia Raising Methods.

Actually, there are many ways of Tilapia Raising or different types of Tilapia Fish Farms. How you raise a Tilapia depends on your situation or purpose. The Tilapia Raising or Tilapia Fish Farm types are the following:

1. Tilapia Pond in your own backyard - this is small scale Tilapia Fish Farming or Tilapia Raising Method. This would be beneficial for rural families who would want to augment their incomes. For more information on this type of Tilapia Fish Farming check out Raising Tilapia in Your Backyard.

2. Tilapia Fish Tank culture - this is used for Tilapia Fish Farming in high density. High density Tilapia Fish Farming is possible since tilapia can survive high density aquaculture as long as you keep water quality high. Other information on Tilapia Fish Tank Culture can be found here.

3. Tilapia in Natural Bodies of Water - this can be done by creating a net or bamboo cage on lakes or rivers. This Tilapia Fish Farming method is capital extensive and may encounter resistance from other folks who see this method as infringing on others rights to have free access on natural bodies of water because you restrict a portion of that water body for your own use.

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