Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tilapia Sex Reversal

Welcome to my Tilapia Fish Blog.

Today, I am introducing to you a concept which has been one of the new methods of raising Tilapia Fish for commercial purposes.

Tilapia fish sex reversal is a technique for growing bigger size tilapia fishes. The problem of raising mixed sex Tilapia fishes is that female Tilapia Fish are smaller in sizes. Mixed sex Tilapia in ponds can also cause uncontrolled breeding resulting to pond overcrowding thus causing Tilapia Fish harvest of varying sizes.

If you are a serious Tilapia Fish grower, you should seriously consider Tilapia Fish sex reversal of your fingerlings. See this link for how to convert your Tilapia Fish fingerlings into all male Tilapia Fish.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tilapia Raising Methods

Good day reader! Again, welcome to my Tilapia Fish Blog.

Today, I would be discussing the various ways of Tilapia Raising or Tilapia Raising Methods.

Actually, there are many ways of Tilapia Raising or different types of Tilapia Fish Farms. How you raise a Tilapia depends on your situation or purpose. The Tilapia Raising or Tilapia Fish Farm types are the following:

1. Tilapia Pond in your own backyard - this is small scale Tilapia Fish Farming or Tilapia Raising Method. This would be beneficial for rural families who would want to augment their incomes. For more information on this type of Tilapia Fish Farming check out Raising Tilapia in Your Backyard.

2. Tilapia Fish Tank culture - this is used for Tilapia Fish Farming in high density. High density Tilapia Fish Farming is possible since tilapia can survive high density aquaculture as long as you keep water quality high. Other information on Tilapia Fish Tank Culture can be found here.

3. Tilapia in Natural Bodies of Water - this can be done by creating a net or bamboo cage on lakes or rivers. This Tilapia Fish Farming method is capital extensive and may encounter resistance from other folks who see this method as infringing on others rights to have free access on natural bodies of water because you restrict a portion of that water body for your own use.

More information about Tilapia Fish on my next blog post.

Tilapia Fish

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tilapia Fish Farming

Tilapia fish farming is a profitable aquaculture business.  It can be done through the use of ponds constructed within your farm or through naturally occurring water sources.  In naturally occurring water sources like creeks and lakes, you should construct a fence made of fish nets or bamboo to prevent your tilapia fish from escaping to the surrounding waters.

See video of inland water tilapia fish farm harvest:

Another method of tilapia fish farming is through the construction of tilapia fish tank which can be made of water proofed concrete.  This method of tilapia fish farming requires that you first ensure that tilapia fish tank would have algae (lumot) so that your tilapia fish would have alternative source of food aside from the tilapia fish food that you would be giving them.

In obtaining tilapia fish for your farm, you could either produce tilapia fish fingerlings by having a stock of good breed of male and female tilapia fish.

However, you could also just concentrate on growing tilapia fish fingerlings and just buy your fingerlings from people who specializes in the production of fingerlings thus you are ensured that such fingerlings are of good quality.  It would also result to you focusing on the growing of your tilapia fish without having to worry about tilapia fish fingerlings production.

In order to learn the best techniques in tilapia fish farming, one should attend seminars conducted by experts in the field of tilapia fish farming.  Subscription to aquaculture magazines is also important because it would provide you with the latest news about tilapia fish farming, including new discoveries that would improve tilapia fish farming methods.

Tilapia Fish Farming

Tilapia Fish

Welcome to my tilapia fish blog.  Here you will learn a lot about tilapia fish and tips on how to breed tilapia fish.

Tilapia fish is said to be originally from Africa, however tilapia fish is now thriving in almost all parts of the world, especially in tropical regions like Southeast Asia.

In rural communities, tilapia fish can be a major source of protein.  Tilapia fish is easy to breed or farm since it can thrive in ponds with low water quality.

However, if you would like to make a good income in farming tilapia fish, you should follow good breeding techniques in order for tilapia fish breeding to be commercially viable.

In my next blog post, I will be discussing about the various species of tilapia fish.

Tilapia Fish